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In general, the best way to take on a big home improvement project is to enlist the help of professional contractors. However, there are other projects you can undertake yourself to save a little money on the labor involved. If you have a project you feel capable of handling, keep the following tips in mind.


Don’t Rush It

Even though you may have watched dozens of home improvement shows, don’t assume you’ve seen every task involved in completing a project. Remember that TV shows and online videos condense projects to fit into a single episode. When taking on a real home improvement project, take the time to research everything involved in the renovation. Additionally, plan for the project to take several weeks to several months. It’s better to take your time rather than making careless mistakes out of a sense of urgency.


Communicate Frequently and Openly

Whether you hire contractors or hire a team of your own to do the work yourself, communication is the key. Be sure you’re concise and clear in getting your ideas across to avoid misunderstandings. When you have important information to relate, don’t just tell one person on your team and trust them to relate it to the others. Instead, have an open discussion with everyone to avoid problems that can result from a breakdown of communication. Additionally, make use of emails, text messages, and instant messaging to share brief messages quickly.


Stay Within Your Budget

Adhering to a pre-planned budget is one of those things that’s easier said than done. There isn’t a single project you can undertake that won’t balloon out of control to some extent. For that reason, your budget should allow you to spend up to 20% more than you initially plan. If you can’t afford that much of a buffer zone, it’s better to wait until you can obtain a little more financing. No matter how carefully you plan, mistakes will happen and costs will come to more than you expected.

When you do want the expertise of professional contractors, take your time in hiring the right company for your project. Look into online reviews from their past customers, and prepare yourself with a list of questions. The only thing worse than not hiring a contractor for a complex renovation is hiring the wrong contractor.