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A pretty tablecloth and a few candles or flowers can make a dinner party setting more appealing, but some people want a little more. A memorable occasion needs an outstanding backdrop, and that is when a complete tablescape becomes necessary. It takes less effort than people may think to create a stylish and unique table display for any event.

Choose Colorful Dinnerware

Experts recommend that each guest has between 22–30 inches of width at the table for personal space. It is also best to make sure that any decorations used do not hang over dinner plates or prevent conversations across the table. Hosts who worry they will add too much and crowd their guests should make the most of the dishes and glassware they use. Colorful glassware and decorative plates can present a vivid and appealing layout without a lot of extras needed.

Select Seasonal Colors

Stick with a range of colors that match the season. Choose shades that coordinate and flatter each other. Pastels work well for spring, earthy colors are appealing during fall, and glittery pieces help set the tone for the winter holidays. Remember, however, that colors can affect mood and appetite.

Red and yellow stimulate appetite and work well as a color scheme for hosts that want their guests to enjoy a hearty meal. Blue and gray can make people feel less like eating. These shades may work best when serving only a few appetizers or a dessert during a cocktail party.

Choose Varying Heights

Rather than pairing like-sized vases or candles, design experts recommend the use of different heights of decorations. The variety of items and sizes adds interest to the display. It may also save money because the host can use an eclectic mix of things from around the home to create the tablescape.


Remember the Senses

The food will address the taste and smell senses for all guests, and the conversation and background music fills the need for sound. The table setting should offer a pleasant experience for sight and touch. To achieve this, consider the use of many textures. Choose multiple items like a luxurious tablecloth and soft napkins, glossy vases, prickly or rough textured plants, or velvety smooth rose petals.

The perfect tablescape differs based on the season, the reason for the gathering, and the host. Some people prefer a minimalistic approach, and others will want to fill the table. Start with an empty surface and layer the items until it feels perfect.