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Decorating a home is a great way to showcase individual style and make a home look its best. Many people attempt to decorate their home on their own and become frustrated with how it looks. These interior design faux pas may be to blame.

Filling a Small Space with Dark Furniture

Decorating a small apartment is a complicated task; the key is to use design tricks to make it look as large as possible. Dark-colored furniture and decor can make an already-small space seem cramped. Instead, opt for furniture with light finishes and light fabric. Light colors reflect light and make a small space seem instantly larger.

Using a Rug that is Too Small

Placing a rug in a living room or kitchen is a great focal point that can bring different room elements together seamlessly. Unfortunately, too many people use a rug that is too small. Small rugs can give the room a disjointed look. Rugs should be large enough that they fit partially under sofas, chairs, or beds. Choose an 8-by-10 foot rug for a living room or a 4-by-6 rug for a bedroom.

Placing Artwork High on the Wall

People often believe that placing their artwork high up on the wall can make space look larger by drawing the eye upward. It can have the opposite effect, however. Artwork should be placed at eye-level or lower and should be in subtle locations rather than centered in the middle of a wall. Experts recommend using a hook that makes a small hole in the wall. This way any artwork or pictures can be re-positioned without damaging the walls too much.

Having Only One Source of Light

A dramatic light fixture can be a great design enhancement in any room, but make sure it isn’t the only source of light. Rooms that are only lit with overhead lights can add harsh and unflattering shadows to a room. Add table lamps and floor lamps to brighten a room and add ambiance to any space.

Don’t spend hundreds of dollars on design elements only to dislike your home or apartment. Instead, avoid these interior design faux pas to make a home look larger, brighter, and more inviting.