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Selling a house can be one of the most daunting financial and personal challenges an individual or family may face. The steps are many and varied, and the more you do on your own, the more challenging the process is. There is a reason that a whole market revolves around buying and selling the property–outside the value of the property itself; there is immense value in knowing how to sell a home. For those who lack the means to hire professionals to help them through every step of the process, you may have to pick and choose who’s help you can enlist. However, just because you may only afford so much assistance does not mean you can’t take steps to help yourself. There are plenty of guidelines and steps to preparing a home for sale. Following a few of the ideas below should help you when it’s time for you to move on to your next great adventure in your next grand home.

First Impressions Matters

When young, we all hear the refrain, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” and yet it’s human nature to make a snap decision about a place based on how it’s shown to us. Ensuring your property looks crisp and presentable is the easiest and first step you should take to make your home sale easier. The first sight a potential buyer will see is your yard. Make sure it’s looking sharp and well maintained. Taking the time to mow, weed, rake, pick up sticks, and tend your flowers allows for the very first impression to hit hard that this is a well maintained and cared for property. Don’t neglect the house itself. If you can powerwash the siding, clean the windows and clear the gutters, it will add an extra touch of cleanliness that buyers love to see. Similarly, making sure you have some sort of greeting at your entrance when people come to tour the space is pivotal. Don’t be afraid to apply a fresh coat of paint to the door and have a welcome mat out–it may seem trivial. Still, little experiences like a clean exterior and tidy lawn will immediately impress on your buyers either consciously or subconsciously that this is a space that is both well maintained and looks sharp when it’s at its best.

People Want To See Your Home, Not How You Live

It’s pivotal that when people enter your house and start exploring the space, they can make it feel like it could belong to them. Having cluttered rooms or messy interior is a sure turn off for most buyers. If you can, try to empty the space of excessive furniture, allowing buyers imaginations to reconfigure the space. Like the front door, it’s worth the tiny investment of time and energy to provide fresh coats of paint to walls that demand it. Consider providing paint to walls with any chipping or for walls that utilize bold colors. It may seem bland, but a lovely tope-ish shade is recommended for any painting you do, as it allows newcomers to provide whatever color they may want to space. Finally, do your best to eliminate odd smells. Whether it’s cleaning your kitty’s litterbox or making sure not to cook Brussel sprouts that day, scent is a massive trigger for whether people accept or reject a space. A pleasant or neutral smelling property is far more likely to attract buyers than a pungent one.