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The work from home life that many of us are facing today can be, in reality, quite a blessing. Think about it…as you sit in your home office yet another day, don’t you find yourself taking a peek around and saying to yourself ‘I have all this time at home now, why not take a little break here and there and get to some projects that I’ve been meaning to do?’. I know I do! The key is finding something that relatively quick and easy to do that is also kind to your bank account. Why not start with what is probably the smallest space in your home–the powder room, also known as a ‘half bath’? Let’s look at 3 ways you can easily, and affordably, give that powder room of yours a facelift.

The Miracle of Mirrors

Start with some mirrors, especially if you can fit in a floor-to-ceiling mirror. One of the first things you’ll probably want to do when decorating a powder room is make it appear bigger than it really is, right. Mirrors are the perfect solution for giving a small space like a powder room the illusion of size.


Yes, I Said Wallpaper. Many people may cringe at the thought of putting up wallpaper, and rightfully so. Try to think outside the box for a minute and consider adding a nice pattern or other splash of color to your powder room with just a wide strip of wallpaper. Something half to three quarters up the wall would work perfectly. PRO TIP: Go for a vinyl wallpaper if you can because that will keep away the moisture.

Add a Touch of Contrasting Color With Paint

Who cares how small the powder room is? Look at this cool and trendy sink! That’s what you and your guests will say when to take a splash of paint a single color vanity or wash stand sink. This is probably one of the quickest and easiest–and most cost effective–thing you can do (besides adding mirrors) when decorating your powder room.

These are but a few simple and cheap ways to spruce up your powder room. There are so many others out there, you should check them out as well. Ready to move on and tackle another easy project? Learn about easy ways to spruce up your kitchen next. Good luck and happy decorating!