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Tami Hansbrough

Real Estate & Interior Design

About Tami Hansbrough

Tami Hansbrough is a seasoned leader and skilled fundraising professional who is the Executive Director of Development for the Watoto Child Care Ministries, where she’s been since 2015. Across more than a decade of experience, she has amassed considerable skills and acquired experience working with a number of organizations. Alongside her leadership and non-profit fundraising career, Tami Hansbrough also has experience in real estate as a Realtor for Keller Williams and a natural skill for interior design. 

From the time she was young, Tami has been interested in art and design. Her mother was very talented in design, back then referred to as “decorating,” and seen much more like an activity for homemakers than the sought-after skill it has become recognized as. Growing up, she saw the knack that her mother had for it and eventually developed her own natural eye to be just as keen. Alongside her skill, she developed a personal passion for it. 

As someone who has always loved the arts, Tami Hansbrough sees Interior Design as a form of art in itself. It’s a way to make an entire room an art piece through coordinated decoration and curated collection. Interior design is a form of self-expression, and Tami loves expressing herself – and helping others do the same.

Tami Hansbrough’s Career in Real Estate

In her professional career in real estate and interior design, Tami Hansbrough has her certification in Home Staging from Canada’s Staging Academy, and she is a Realtor at Keller Williams in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Working in real estate, she enjoys partnering with consumers to help them sell their homes. Tami enjoys a career where she can help people make improvements in their lives, including finding a new home or designing their living spaces to improve their homes. A positive and encouraging professional, she enjoys seeing others succeed.

With her history of working in interior design and real estate, Tami Hansbrough has staged and sold her own homes in the past, using her skills and knowledge to save on costs and commission fees. She has also helped her friends and family to decorate their homes and has developed a real background in interior design, which sparked her journey into real estate. Whether it’s looking at homes, building houses, or designing the interior, Tami Hansbrough truly loves all aspects of the real estate industry.

To learn more about real estate and interior design and gain insight and wisdom into the industry, don’t forget to visit Tami Hansbrough’s blog page!